Do you know the Gaucho culture? O have you ever heard about the Gaucho culture?
The Gaucho culture is a big combination of traditions, rituals, dress style, stories, customs and popular Gauchos. They appear in the time of Spaniards Colonization.
Gauchos were usually mestizos (persons of mixed European and Indian ancestry) but sometimes were white, black, or mulatto (of mixed black and white ancestry).
From their own legends a literature of the gaucho (La literatura gauchesca) grew and became an important part of the Argentine cultural tradition.
There are 2 essential things for the Gaucho, one is the horse, they use this for everything, gauchos have a great ability to break a horse, and many of them were hired to work in different “Estancias” (small farm) and break horses to play polo. The second thing is the “Mate” Mate is made from yerba mate, a tree found in Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina, and it’s a traditional South American caffeine-rich infused drink.
Something very jazzy, peculiar and hard to find somewhere else is the way they dress, they have a special outfit, their costume, included a chiripa, a woolen poncho, and long, accordion-pleated trousers, called bombachas, gathered at the ankles and covering the tops of high leather boots, they wear a beret (Boinas) for their everyday activities, it’s very common to see them wearing espadrilles (alpargatas) or tall leather boots, they also have a knife, typically the only eating instrument that a Gaucho carried, they use boleadoras: three leather bound rocks tied together, they throw at the legs of an animal to immobilize it. For this reason Gaucho clothes is now a fashion because of its association with the polo and horse environment.
About the music, Chamamé has been influenced by Spanish guitar and German polka. Now it’s played throughout Argentina, the largest Chamamé music festival is held in the city of Corrientes.
We’ve been talking about Gauchos but you might wonder what is a female gaucho called? The name for women is “china”, means a woman of indigenous origin, they take care of the house and their children.
After studying about Gauchos culture we will give you an incredible example of a unique Gaucho.
Here it’s Oscar “Mosco” Pereyra, he is 77 years old and he was born and raised in San Antonio De Areco, as he clarifies in an interview, he said “You are born being a gaucho, you don’t make it”. Oscar is a clear example to show the Gaucho culture because of his lifestyle.
He left school when he was 8 years old and started working in the countryside with family and by himself, he learned a lot from his father and he appreciates it very much.
After a few years working in different places he was hired by a popular and tourist place called “ La Porteña”, this site changed his life because he met his wife “Rosa” and raised their children. They used to take care of the cattle, milk cows and break horses to play polo.
For this reason, he was he was recognized and flag bearer in the tradition of the tow, Because of his experience and lifestyle, (Every year there is a festival, during those days, San Antonio de Areco shows its unique style and history)
So, after going through the Gaucho culture and the life of Oscar “Mosco” Pereyra you can figure it out what’s like being a Gaucho, the way they live, rituals, dress style and traditions.

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Gaucho Culture

Source: Somos Arraigo
Oscar “Mosco” Pereyra

Source: Dias de Areco
“Ser el abanderado de la tradición, es ser un gaucho mas”